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MARCH 2005

      Slack Jawed trades 1B Ben Broussard to Might Be for 1B Paul Konerko

	  Chico's trades C Joe Mauer, P AJ Burnett, and 2 minor league draft picks to Groton for P Jason Schmidt, C John Buck, ml Dennis Tankersley, and ml Justin Ducscherer

	  Groton trades P Barry Zito, OF Jeromy Burnitz, and 2B Brian Roberts to Duncan's for 2B Chase Utley, OF Kevin Mench, and P Joel Pineiro

	  Ninja trades OF Coco Crisp to Groton for P Troy Percival

	  Groton  trades  OF Rocco Baldelli  to Rhody for 2B Jose Vidro

	  Rhody trades P Curt  Schilling, P Randy Johnson,  and ml Khalil Greene to Might Be for OF Miguel Cabrera, OF Lew Ford, P Jon Lieber , and P Carl Pavano

	  Groton trades P AJ Burnett and P Carlos Silva to Rhody for 1B Lyle Overbay, P John Smoltz and SS Rafael Furcal

	  Rhody trades OF Juan Pierre and P Bartolo Colon to Duncan's for P Zach Greinke, P Brad Penny, and 2B Adam Kennedy

	  Cape Cod trades OF Carl Crawford, P Derek Lowe, P Adam Eaton, and ml Jesse Crain to Groton for 1B Carlos Delgado, SS Julio Lugo, and P Jorge Julio

	  Cape Cod trades P Eddie Guardado to Might Be for P David Wells


		  Chico's trades P Matt Clement to Kennesaw for P Wade Miller and DH Frank Thomas

		  Might Be trades C Ramon Hernandez to Seinfeld's for Seinfeld's 4th round draft pick in 2005

		  Might Be trades a 1st round pick (#7), P Wilson Alvarez, and ml SS Rickie Weeks to Knasin's for P Dan Kolb and 2b Marcus Giles

		  Might Be trades a 1st round pick (#12), P Travis Harper, and P Kevin Millwood to Knasin's for P Joe Nathan


      Chico's trades OF Manny Ramirez and P Pedro Martinez to Kennesaw for OF Vladimir Guerrero P AJ Burnett and Kennesaw's 3rd round pick in the 2005 draft.

      Might Be trades OF Rocco Baldelli to Groton for P David Wells

      Might Be trades 3B Bill Mueller and 2B Placido Polanco to Walken's for 2B Jeff Kent and OF Lew Ford

      Might Be trades P Erasmo Ramirez to Balco for 3b Joe Crede

      Might Be trades UT Craig Wilson, SS Nomar Garciaparra, and OF Jody Gerut for 3B Vinny Castilla

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